The theme of Quality in the online Advertising area is crucial to attract new investments and provide users with an increasingly satisfying usage experience.

The Italian market is one of the most virtuous on the international scene: in fact, the rates of viewability are among the highest in the world as well as the average percentages of fraud are very low. As a result, Italian users are not among the major adopters of adblockers and, up to date, the growth rates of this phenomenon do not cause concerns.

However, some trends deserve to be considered carefully.

On the one hand, Italy remains a TV centric nation in terms of advertising investments: initiatives at a system level are needed to increase the confidence of investors towards the Internet.

Programmatic is at a lower level if compared to digitally more developed countries, but it is destined to grow rapidly: this practice is inevitably seen as less safe by investors and can generate a disaffection for Users with respect to the medium, if not properly managed.

Investments on the Internet are growing, but OTTs are taking the major advantages from this and, in the absence of a Quality Certification system, the other publishers do not always have the necessary tools to gain value from the quality of the contents, the accuracy of the layout, the transparency of traffic data, etc.

In this context, the role of publishers is crucial, but objective measurements are needed to identify the inventories respecting some important parameters for the protection of Brands and Users.

In relation to the above considerations, IAB Italia is ready to launch a Beauty Contest to identify one or more Partners that will allow us to certify the Quality of online Publishers’ audiences through a Mark that will be inserted on the publishers Properties.

Beauty Contest Features

This document represents an invitation to present proposals but in no way constitutes an offer to the public pursuant to Article 1336 of the Civil Code or a promise to the public pursuant to article 1989 of the Civil Code;

This document therefore does not give to the participants any right or claim for damages in case IAB Italia would suspend or not continue in any form the selection procedure. The submission of offers is intended free of charge and no form of expenses refund or economic reward will be due to unselected participants.

The offers, written in both Italian and English language, must be sent by 28 February 2018 via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and sent via PEC to:

IAB Italia

via A. Calabiana 6

20139 Milano


IAB Italia could take advantage from the consultancy of a third-party company of its confidence for the evaluation of the offers.

Any requests for clarification may be sent to the above-mentioned pec address no later than 20 January 2018. IAB will provide answers to all the submitted questions and to all participants by 31 January 2018.

Participants requirements.

The Beauty Contest is open to all companies whose online advertising evaluation activities are already certified by a leading international certification body including, but not limited to:

– MRC;

– ABC;



– AIM.


Offers subject.

The offering companies will have to demonstrate that they own proprietary technologies able to:

  • measure viewability rates of advertising space on the largest number of formats:
  • detect and filter fraudulent behavior and non-human traffic, even of a sophisticated origin, in the delivery processes of advertising impressions;
  • identify and filter illegal and potentially dangerous content for investors’ brands (so-called Brand Safety);
  • identify and address profiled messages to users with an adblocker;
  • identify the compliance with the L.E.A.N. principles defined by IAB US, also with reference to the advertising clutter levels
  • define a synthetic quality index considering the impact of the aforementioned factors with respect to the consistency and characteristics of the audience.

Each participant should present within the aforementioned deadlines a detailed description of the activities to be carried out and a specific indication of the related costs and completion time.


Selection criteria for the Participants.

IAB at its sole discretion will select the vendor based on the following parameters:

  • proven international experience and presence on the Italian market;
  • ability to provide and update benchmarks at least on a quarterly basis;
  • ability to provide the service and support necessary for all IAB Italia members;
  • costs and time of realization.


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